Consultancy (engels)


Ecovolt makes for customers feasibility studies, assessment studies, regulation studies, engineering of sub-stations, cable route engineering and requirements for grid-connections. For our customers we make the connection which is necessary to realize the high voltage-, Solar- and Wind projects.

Ecovolt's experticed advice is based on broad knowledge and experience in electrical energy technology. The employees of Ecovolt have worked for the major grid operators and can apply this experience in the not regulated domain. Ecovolt works with TSO and DSO’s in a positive way to optimize the latest technical developments, risks and opportunities within sustainable energy technology. There will be an enormous challenge in terms of sustainability in the coming years. This creates tension, pressure, knowledge and specialism. Ecovolt's support is based on profound knowledge and experience regarding regulation and legislation within the energy market. This, combined with our broad network in high- and medium voltage, ensures that Ecovolt can offer complete unburding regarding electrical energy technology.

Ecovolt can take care of the following products:
- Setting up the studies for an approved PGMD document that meets the RFG requirements.
- Providing insight into the possibilities of obtaining a connection in relation to the prevailing legislation and regulations.
- Due diligence of the electrical installation.
- Setting up a demand specification (UAV and UAV-GC) for high-voltage stations and routes.
- Providing advice based on a QuickScan.
- Setting up the business cases.
- Conducting network studies such as load flow calculations, capacity studies, short circuit calculations, earthing studies and protection settings.
- Performing capacity calculations of (sub) high voltage networks.
- Preparation of cost estimates for different variants in grid design.
- Cost calculations and planning.