Engineering (engels)


Due to the privatization of the high-voltage grid and increasing legislation and regulations, an privat high-voltage installation is regularly chosen. Ecovolt engineers all aspects of the grid connection and high- and medium voltage infrastructure. This mainly consists of the design and calculation of high-voltage cableroutes and high-voltage installations. Quality, flexibility and reliability are our top priorities.

Ecovolt uses the software packages Vision, Digsilent, Powerfactory and CDEGS.

- System and detail design for high-voltage routes.
- Setting up tender documents, UAV / UAV-GC including annexes and standards.
- High voltage design for medium voltage installations, transformers and stations.
- Analyses of electromagnetic interferences between cable routes.
- Producing network studies such as load flow calculations, capacity studies, short circuit calculations, earthing studies and protection settings.
- Earth (grid) designs, lightning protection, short-circuit calculations and step and touch voltages.
- Grid code compliance studies.
- Earth investigations for thermal resistance.
- Inspection reports for QA / QC (quality control).