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Ecovolt is an independent design and engineering company specializing in medium and high voltage technology.

The energy transition leads to a great need for electrification. Ecovolt advises, designs and engineers cable routes, installations and connections to medium and high voltage up to the low voltage supply of the user.

Ecovolt advises on the technical possibilities in combination with the most recent insights into legislation and regulations. Ecovolt is familiar with the technology and regulations of Closed Distribution Systems, Direct Lines, Cablepooling, MLOEA and the combination of generation with offtake.

For this reason, Ecovolt's clients are mainly:
• Developers of solar, wind and hydrogen energy looking for customers or grid connections.
• The large business market of customers with a grid connection who want to increase sustainability with solar, wind or hydrogen energy.
• Port companies, hospitals and (semi) governments that want to make electrification more sustainable, such as with shore power and events.

Ecovolt has broad expertise and experience in fully providing all aspects of a (grid) connection to medium and high voltage. Our knowledge and experience at and with regional and national network operators is a major advantage. In addition, we bring in broader expertise in project management, administrative processes, stakeholder management and consultancy. There is more than just technology!

Our strength is expertise, customization, flexibility and commitment. Your challenge is ours!

We make the connection for you!