Projectmanagement (eng)

Project- and sitemanagement

Ecovolt has the knowledge and experience to manage high- and medium voltage infrastructure of routes and stations. Ecovolt can also support clients by taking on the supervision and final control of the implementation after the engineering. We are experienced projectmanagers, contract supervisors and site managers.

Ecovolt ensures that specifications, assembly, deliveries and schedules are in line with the process and that the expected quality is delivered.
Ecovolt uses, among other things, Prince2. Prince2 is a method for a process-based approach to projectmanagement. In addition, the project managers have an IPMA certificate. This is the most valued management certificate next to Prince2. An essential part is thinking in terms of sub- and end products.

Project management:
- Setting up a project management plan (PID).
- Setting up the demanded specifications including annexes to support the tender phase.
- Technical support in the tender phase of solar- and windprojects and high voltage projects.
- Projectmanagement during the engineering and implementation of the project.

- Technical support in the implementation of solar and wind projects and high voltage projects.
- Managing contractors in order to control the scope.
- Setting up a test and commissioning plan to put the project into operation.

Contract management:
- Setting up the demand specifications including annexes to support the tender phase.
- Manageable, systematic and transparent recording of contract agreements.
- Efficiently manage contract agreements.
- UAV-GC and yellow pages guidance of the contract in progress.

QA / QC - quality control:
- Setting up a test and inspection plan to check the quality in progress.
- Setting up hold and witness points to secure important and often irreversible work.
- Checking incoming deliveries.
- Quality management.

Our employees have a bachelor of master education and have the following certificates: VCA-VOL and NEN-EN 3140 and NEN-EN 3840. Depending on the project, the following additional certificates are available; GWO, Professional competence WV&IV, working at height, HUET and BHV.

Senior Authorized Person (SAP)
If you are in possession of electrical installations, you are responsible for safety of these installations. The operation of electrical installations is regulated in the standards NEN-EN 50110-1, General European provisions and NEN-EN 3140 and NEN-EN 3840. Ecovolt can be your Senior Authorized Person (SAP), temporarily or permanently. A maintenance plan and management agreements are part of the SAP responsibility. Ecovolt has the STIPEL certification and many practical experience to manage all aspects on this topic as a SAP.